Doodles x CAMP

Uniting digital + physical experiences to cultivate new fans for a new brand


July-Aug, 2023


Lead designer




Integrating a collectible game
into an immersive experience


Doodles, initially an NFT art project, catered to a niche audience, constraining its brand reach and potential.


To broaden its appeal, Doodles collaborated with CAMP, crafting an immersive, in-person storytelling experience.


We believed that forging fun and emotional connections with the brand would transform visitors into lifelong fans.

Success metrics

We measured success through sentiment, engagement during the experience, email capture, and growth in social media following.


Evaluate existing work based on the project goals

Supportive Parent

Supportive Parents want what is best for their children and will go to great lengths to make sure they are happy. They look for opportunities to connect with their kids and strive to be the best parent they can be for them. Their interests are often driven by their children, but love the brands that speak to them and their kid.

Digital Dreamer

Digital Dreamers want to have fun with their friends. They look for social connection through brands that feel genuine to them. They engage in world building and often use gaming as a creative outlet to express themselves as well as socialize. Even though they're very digital, they value IRL experiences as well.


Storytellers are contributors and participants in realizing and engaging with a brand. They expect personalization, exploration, and encouragement of derivative works. They are creators of fan fiction and elaborate cosplay, and rely on a community of likeminded people to share this with.


Nostalgic Collectors want to keep playing no matter how old they get, often to escape from the cruel realities of life - finances, responsibilities, and the state of the world. Finally with disposable income to spend and nobody to tell them no, they are often collectors, driven by completionism and FOMO.

Cozy Gamer

Cozy Gamers find joy through cuteness, softness, and relaxing exploration. Being a Cozy Gamer is more than just playing games, it is a lifestyle of wholesome self-expression that they love sharing with others.

User Flows

Elevate joyful moments + alleviate frustrating moments

To start, I mapped the goals and the users anticipated emotions to each step of an improved journey, and worked with development to assure all changes would not increase scope.


Streamline build with consistent design

Mockups + Prototype

Internal tests for a tight timeline

Physical space integration

Planning + testing in-person

Before launch, we mapped out how we would fit each iPad in the space, and went in-person to work out all the kinks. There were a lot of kinks... But we pulled it off!


First month shows collectible game success, but needs better ongoing engagement

Create an emotional connection with the brand

We received plenty of positive feedback, indicating that guests experienced joy and fun during the experience.

Expose new audience to the brand and characters

Approximately 437 new avatars are created daily, culminating in over 11,000 successful onboardings.

Continuous engagement during and after experience

On average, guests returned to kiosks for every 3 collectibles found but couldn't continue the experience afterward.

Capture emails for post-experience follow-up

We captured 62% of emails for those who started the email capture flow, though there were a lot of fake emails

Increase social follow for future engagement

Despite achieving 23% unique opens, our clickthrough rate of 2.7% fell short of our benchmark.


Internal tests for a tight timeline

Create follow-up engagement strategies + designs

Improve email capture and engagement funnel

Refine user types to better understand and build for them