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Educating the masses about blockchain through gameplay

Moon Kid Studios




Founder, CEO & Lead Designer


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Blockchain is complex and scares people off before they even get started


Educating the masses about blockchain through gameplay


There needs to be a low barrier game that integrates blockchain in a simple way

Moon Kid Studios is a creative game dev and blockchain studio building a suite of blockchain based games. The games allow players to follow the stories as they weave through different interactive environments from desktop to mobile to VR, and collect cryptocurrency and Non-Fungible Tokens as they go. As blockchain enthusiasts and advocates, we aim to build games that lower the barrier for entry into the new and powerful technology of blockchain.

First Steps?

Designing a low barrier, low cost game that introduces basic blockchain education

The first game is Moon Monsters: XLab, a free-to-play virtual “pet” simulation game. You play as a researcher on a newly discovered moon filled with monsters. You hatch eggs and catch monsters to learn more about them. As you learn and care for them, you write research notes about your observations during humane experiments.

So what's the problem?

Centralized games own your character and can take it away at any moment.

Most games we know today are controlled by centralized servers. When this company or game shuts down, all the players’ hard work goes with it – the character they’ve developed, the items they’ve unlocked, the boss battles they’ve completed. The gaming industry tech standard is currently very ephemeral, and the games become ephemeral because of that.

And how do we solve this?

Gaming on the blockchain gives the power back to the players and keeps them playing.

By decentralizing games, the players finally own their in game assets and experience. Even if the game itself shuts down, they will always be able to access their beloved characters. And it doesn’t stop there!

In Moon Monsters: XLab, the game will allow characters to be used in multiple games and gaming environments. Character accomplishments will be saved on the blockchain and cannot be erased if they lose their device or start playing with a new character either. They’re “immortal” on the blockchain.

‍Moon Monsters: XLab character will become a Moon Monsters: The Merge characters, existing in the same realm, but mulitple games.

Non-fungible tokens allow for the same character to be played in different games

Our in-game assets will be Non Fungible Tokens or NFTs. These are tokens that are unique and therefore valued individually on the blockchain. These can only be purchased through Ether. NFTs verify ownership on the blockchain and allow us to port over assets and any characteristics added by the players into future games.

Who’s already doing this?

The most popular blockchain games today have little in terms of gameplay, most being collectibles with fast fading appeal.

Three examples of this gameplay are Cryptokitties where players purchase, breed and dress illustrations of cats, Cryptocelebrities where players buyout contracts with an attached picture and description of a celebrity, and Cryptopunks where players collect and bid on a marketplace to own the most valuable of the 10,000 possible 8-bit art pieces. All of these are like trading cards, collect them all, but there’s little to no interaction past that.

Some of the most popular games now are collectibles, but there is little gameplay past owning the contract. [left: cryptokitties, center: cryptocelebrities, right: cryptopunks]

Progress / Process?

The core MVP has been determined and the UX and design are underway.

‍‍Sitemap logged in vs logged out states

‍‍Wireframes outlining the components that need to be built

What's the timeline?

Moon Monsters: XLab is currently in production – with an expected release of Fall 2018.

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