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Thicket’s core purpose is to help communities identify and solve complex social problems. For example, recycling water in the fracking industry, evaluating healthcare solution effectiveness, and exploring the impact of local community services.

The existing community on-boarding process required a lot of involvement from Thicket employees.

Reduce the amount of time Thicket employees spent on-boarding users, collecting data, and analyzing results by enabling clients to perform these tasks independently


Collected user feedback from our previous platform iteration, a basic web tool designed for internal use

Organized findings into a presentation to align the team on the new direction and gain more focus as to what the problems were.
Concluded that we needed to redesign the tool to be simpler and more accessible.

Deconstructed past projects and other relevant websites then reconstructed them for our specific needs.
Simplified the user flows to be as minimal as possible, 4-5 steps maximum.

Defined what data to collect, determined through past experiences and expected future needs based on client conversations

Digitized the manual research process into an Enterprise SaaS platform that allows customers to onboard, collect data, and analyze that data themselves.

Reduced onboarding time from 2-3 weeks to 15 minutes
The new process enabled Thicket to on-board clients including Google, CYI, TechTank, Sourcewater, and University of Toronto
Maximum data population size increased 10x from previous manual process, from 10-15 people at a time to 100+

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