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Educate about the fractionalization of ownership in art and how it defines the exchange and appreciation of value when everything is tokenized


Throw an event to bring together the leaders in the global art scene and crypto luminaries, and the few that are already bridging that divide


Successful event with a full room of Crypto and art enthusiasts. AND a majority of ticket sales came in from our website - seen here


Byzantine was proud to host the Crypto/Art event of the year (to date!) in the Grand Ballroom of the Williamsburg Hotel on May 10th, 2018, at the transition between Creative Tech Week & Blockchain Week in NYC. We were very excited to welcome to our panels who are not only leaders in the global art scene but also crypto luminaries from around the world, and those few innovators already bringing these together!

We talked about the fractionalization of ownership in art, and how it defines the exchange and appreciation of value when everything is tokenized. There were two star studded panels navigating very complex new terrains. Between panels and afterwards, we threw a specially curated art exhibit for ticket holders only at the end of the show.

There were crypto whales 🐳 underground brooklyn artists 🎨, blockchain developers, art dealers, and collectors! It was a success.

Featured Speakers:

Judy Mam - Film blogger, writer, and cofounder of — a social network where people speak through drawings that can be collected on the Ethereum blockchain.

Steven Fragale - Artist & dad in NYC. A craftsman with a love of materials and techniques working in chalk, dry erase, VR, CAD, oil paint, jewelry and more.

Jessica Angel - Transmedia visual artist whose work reveals the many universes accessible through ceilings and walls.

Jonathan Mann - Singer-songwriter who’s released a song a day for over 3300 days, or nine years. Recently started Digitally Rare, a Youtube channel exploring the influence of blockchain on art and value. [Bacon pancakes available upon request.

Jacob Coley - 10+ years in the art world as buyer, seller, and collector. Has worked at Sotheby's, The Met, Ralph Lauren art acquisitions, and currently manages the old masters gallery Colnaghi: the oldest commercial gallery in the world, est. 1760

Seth Goldstein - Artist. Gallerist. Entrepreneur. Angel investor. Father of two. Recent cofounder of a nomadic layover lounge meant to accelerate humanity in welcoming spaces.

Sean Hoge - As the founder of Venture Coin, Sean focuses on uncovering the best up-and-coming currencies and tokens. His personal holdings have ranked among the top 1000 ERC-20 token holders in the world.

Cryptograffiti - First artist to utilize a public-facing wallet to receive crypto donations for street art. His current work is comprised of tangible materials from industries being disrupted by the blockchain.

Nanu Berks - Full-time artist & crypto cultural arts ambassador with a writing background in Tech/AI/Communication, and enjoys “sharing information about the blockchain evolution through experiential art”

Louis Parker - Native NYC blockchain entrepreneur and digital meme artist. Co-Founder of, helping content creators benefit from decentralized networks. Maker of Rare Pepes (on the blockchain).

Nadia Chilmonik - Byzantine CDO, focused on Machine Learning algorithms and data. Painter [IRL and VR], NASA Datanaut, futurist, AI Philosopher, vegan — not necessarily in that order. Also: retired ballerina because, ya know...all the other stuff.

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