I’m a UXer, product designer and startup founder. I’m passionate about crafting systems for effective communication through gaming, data visualization, and blockchain technology.

My work is very data and research driven, pulling from many fields to create well rounded and fun experiences. I deconstruct the problem in order to know every piece before building the solution. And I listen. Truly. That is my greatest strength.

I’ve worked primarily in startups, so I’ve gained experience in being versatile, flexible, and fast while maintaining an high quality bar. I’m willing to take professional and creative risks, learn from my successes and mistakes, and absorb and implement feedback without compromising on my ethics or conceptually driven design process.

My Clients & Projects

My clients have ranged from startups to agencies to large companies, and I've been a founding member of several of my own startups.







My Friends

Ian Whalen
Director of Program Management, Server Engineering at MongoDB
Shubhankar Goel
Senior Marketing Manager at Amazon
Nadia Chilmonik
Artist, Data Designer, AI enthusiast, and NASA Datanaut
Jacob Hernandez
Product Designer at Signafire
Sean Stogner
Communications Planning Director at HUGE
Joel Califa
Senior Product Designer at GitHub
Justin Gavil
Principal Product Manager, Video Distribution at AOL
Steve Dean
Online Dating Consultant & Speaker