Product Designer
Systems Thinker

I sit at the intersection of design, systems thinking, VR/AR/AI, and blockchain. I'd describe myself as an expert generalist, looking to dive deeper into those fields (and more) in my future work.

After studying and working as a UX/UI designer, I transitioned into living the entrepreneur life. Currently, I'm co-founding a decentralized mobile AR monetization platform with a game-like interface.

Previously, I designed and lead the development of several versions of a B2B and B2C software for community measurement and management at a consultancy startup.

My Clients & Projects

My clients have ranged from startups to agencies to large companies, and I've been a founding member of several of my own startups.







My Friends

Justin Gavil
Principal Product Manager, Video Distribution at AOL
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Online Dating Consultant & Speaker
Shubhankar Goel
Senior Marketing Manager at Amazon
Robert Vinluan
Design Technologist at The New York Times
Ian Whalen
Director of Program Management, Server Engineering at MongoDB
Morgante Pell
Strategic Cloud Engineer at Google
Sean Stogner
Communications Planning Director at BBDO New York
Joel Califa
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Jacob Hernandez
Experience Designer & Strategist
Nadia Chilmonik
Artist, Data Designer, AI enthusiast, and NASA Datanaut